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Glenn Mitsui - Modern Artist

Glenn Mitsui is a mixed media artist based in Seattle. His work combines painting, digital art, photography and video. His art themes document the different chapters of his life. The history of his family, growing up in the diverse tapestry of Seattle and thanking the islands of Hawaii for all they have given him are some of the stories he is currently exploring. Observations of a diverse community, memories of life, interpreting history and finding those who share a similar sense of beauty fuel his current work.


In a previous chapter, Glenn was a co-owner of the design firm Studio MD and later an independent illustrator doing images for The New York Times, Wallstreet Journal and the Atlantic Monthly.

The artwork on this site is available for exhibition and purchase.

For more info, please inquire below.

For inquirers in Hawaii, please contact Jeri Grazier at: jerigrazier@gmail.com 


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