Seattle Chinatown Study

My favorite part of Seattle is the International District. Memories of going to Kau Kau Restaurant with the family where my dad always ordered the sizzling seafood platter. The loud spattering of the oil as it hit the hot metal plate always attracted attention. As a child, I remember going to see Samurai movies at the Kokusai Theater which is long gone. I was introduced to The Blind Swordsman and The Seven Samurai while eating rice crackers. The Hong Kong Restaurant had a neon dragon on the ceiling that led you through the whole restaurant. As teenagers we bought butterfly knives at Toshiro Hardware and nunchaku sticks and throwing stars at the Kung Fu Shop and ordered beef with oyster sauce like Bruce Lee at Tai Tung. Slowly all these old shops are being taken over and converted to new businesses and housing. Thank goodness for groups like the Massive Monkees who opened The Beacon and stores like Moksha. I'm glad  I can still buy my sour balls and ginger from the big glass jars but soon they maybe gone also. I want to grow this collection of images based on Seattle's Chinatown based on my memories. Stay tuned.

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